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Turning the Knob

  1. Replace the missing Resonance Capacitor
  2. Kill Frederic the Betrayer
  3. Return to Asha Catari in Lastlight


I have gotten a report from the site of the Failsafe that even with all of the sourcestone you brought us, they are not able to get enough power to it. We need to reroute all energy to the time machine. Unfortunately, our Resonance Capacitor has been taken by deranged Guardian fanatics. You must cut through the Guardians to bring our generator online and reroute it to the time machine!


I saw the great surge of power when you flipped the switch! You are on your way now, [%NAME]. As soon as you go, all this is going to fall as we are going to reroute power from our main defenses. Hopefully it shouldn't matter, as this will no longer be the world's future if you succeed.


Experience 810

Money 59

Chain Girdle of Rebirth (1)
Sash of Rebirth (1)
Rawhide Belt of Rebirth (1)
Plate Girdle of Rebirth (1)

Quick Facts

Type:Use Item
Can be shared:Yes
Start:Asha Catari
End:Asha Catari