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Unending Waves

  1. Kill Living Oceans
    - 3 x Living Ocean

  2. Entrap Living Water with the Band of Tidal Sway [%PROGRESS]/[%TOTAL]
    - 6 x Living Ocean

  3. Fill the Hydrotech Vessel
  4. Return to Drix Brizzle in Trawling Post


Jakub's forces have put Smith's Haven to the torch! The nearby elementals are imbued with magic from the Plane of Water. If we can bind them with this Band of Tidal Sway, we can use this magic to douse the town.


It was a complicated procedure, but you did admirably, [%Name]. The Living Waters you captured may allow us to keep Smith's Haven from burning to the ground.


Freemarch Wardens (+350)

Experience 1800

Money 3 94

Item chooseable
Tidecaller's Gloves (1)
Hands of the Fathoms (1)
Bracers of the Murk (1)
Darkdive Gauntlets (1)

Quick Facts

Type:Use Item
Can be shared:Yes
Start:Drix Brizzle
End:Drix Brizzle