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A Hymn of Frost and Flame

  1. Collect Redsnow Communique from Eridimus the Maker in Harlan's Lament
  2. Collect the Remnant of Aedraxis from the Chest of the Enkarus in Harlan's Lament
  3. Bring the Redsnow Communique and Remnant of Aedraxis to Marshal Kain in Sanctuary


Ekdim's people, the Enkarus, are cursed. We need the power of these remnants you seek, but Ekdim values what existence remains to him. Ekdim sent these remnants to his people. You can find them far, far south of here where the lands are warm. Ekdim hates this sun-forsaken place and wants only to go home.


This communique is alarming, [%NAME]. It appears that the Redsnow Bandits have unearthed an even larger, more powerful remnant and are making plans to smuggle it south even as we speak. This must not come to pass!


Experience 5640

Money 30 58

Quick Facts

Can be shared:Yes
Start:Ekdim the Mad
End:Marshal Kain