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The Saga of the Endless: On the Shores of Freemarch

  1. Assist Faceless Man in spying on the Endless activity
  2. Assist Rahn's legions in cutting down the Endless forces
  3. Assist Sylver in studying the Endless's methods
  4. End Jakub's rule of Freemarch by completing the quest "King for a Day"
  5. Return to Asha Catari in Meridian


I have heard the message that I - the future I, that is - sent you back with. Regulos is Telara's greatest threat. The Ward is holding him back, for now, but Alsbeth and the Endless Court clearly have a plan to return him. We must fight them at every front, and discover how it is they plan to get him out. Our leadership has plotted out numerous points of attack here in Freemarch. When the Freemarch is safe, we will speak again.


We have stopped the Endless in Freemarch, but there is much left to do before we can truly stop Alsbeth.


Experience 4500

Money 10 8

The Origins of the Endless Court (1)

Quick Facts

Can be shared:Yes
Start:Asha Catari
End:Asha Catari