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The Saga of the Endless: Garden of Death

  1. Assist Brother Damon in Runic Descent
  2. Assist Asha Catari in Runic Descent
  3. Destroy Alsbeth's Force in Runic Descent
  4. Return to Brother Damon in Stonemason's Watch


There is something graver - excuse the pun - going on here than we imagined. Alsbeth has been seen heading toward the Runic Descent. What does she want there? General Catari went after her to investigate, but we haven't heard from her. We need to see what they are doing.


We've done all we can for now. What her greater plot is here remains a mystery to be solved. But we will continue to stand in the way of her plans.


Experience 8100

Money 33 60

Quick Facts

Can be shared:Yes
Start:Brother Damon
End:Brother Damon